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  The F-35 will be Canada's next fighter.   In a process more than ten years in the making, the Canadian government officially announced that it is entering talks with Lockheed Martin to procure 88 F-35A Lightning II multirole fighter aircraft.   If talks break down, the Canadian government reserves the right to approach Saab and acquire the Gripen instead.  This scenario is highly unlikely...  But not impossible given the long sordid history of the FFCP.   Canada first announced that it was buying the F-35 way back  in 2010, only to be "reset".  It appears we have come full circle. What was the point? The truth is, the initial decision to purchase the F-35 was incredibly flawed.  Costs were unrealistically optimistic.  The aircraft's development was deeply troubled.  No serious consideration was given to any other aircraft.  Even the number of aircraft to be purchased (65) seemed to be shockingly low.   Canada made the right decision to "reset" the purchase


  Note:  This new is still breaking... Unconfirmed reports are coming in that the Lockheed Martin F-35A will be announced as the replacement for Canada's aging CF-18 Hornet.   It is said that Lockheed Martin is now the " preferred bidder " and final talks will take place.  If those talks fall through, then the Saab Gripen E will be next in line.   More to follow. 


  While we wait for Canada to finally announce it replacement for the CF-18, we find the world a much different place than it was when this whole saga began.   While war is certainly nothing new, the unprovoked incursion by Russia into Ukraine seems different.  Marrying some of the worst elements of both the Cold War and World War II, the Russian invasion has been brutal and unforgiving.  Civilian casualties have been high , with Russian forces being rather indiscriminate in their targets.   After years of seeing wars fought with precision guided munitions used in overwhelming force, we may have forgotten just how "messy" war can be.   Given Vladimir Putin's shaky justification for the "military exercise" and the Ukrainian early victory in the " propaganda war "; it did not take long for the rest of the world to pick sides in this conflict.  Most of the world have declared Ukraine as the "good guy" with only Russia's most stalwart allies


 Please take the time to watch, like and subscribe to this wonderful new YouTube channel!  (or don’t...  it’s a free country…) Dana is a wonderful historian and skillful photographer.  On top of that, his soulful baritone voice has been known to soothe rampant møøse and the occasional rabid grizzly.  You might even catch a glimpse of a certain fighter aircraft… For this of you who don’t know, Dana is a good friend who helps out in the Best Fighter for Canada Facebook group.  Best of luck, Dana…  and may the YouTube algorithm take a liking to ya!