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A recent post on the BF4C Facebook group got me to thinking...  "What if the fighters contending to replace the CF-18 were cars?" It is a simple enough question, but it turns out to be a real thought exercise.  Sure, one can quickly generalize the fighters into certain cars easy enough; but getting it exactly  right takes some in depth analysis.   Also, as a bit of a car nut myself, I know how easily it would be to offend both automotive and aeronautical enthusiasts  simultaneously.   Whatever.  It sure wouldn't be the first time I offended someone.   Making this list, I forced myself to follow certain rules: Since the aircraft are available now, I could only pick automobiles currently on sale new.  This disqualifies the all-too-obvious  Saab 9-3 for representing the Saab Gripen.   Place of manufacture must be considered, but not strictly adhered to.  This is because both car and aircraft manufacturers muddy the waters here.  Your "American" pickup truck may hav