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South Korea's F-X competition. One to watch.

Korea's KF-X fighter concept. South Korea has recently extended the bidding process on phase 3 of its F-X fighter program .  This program is quite interesting as it includes two fighters currently being considered for the CF-18 replacement as part of Canada's "reset" and "reevaluation" of the F-35. The first jet is, obviously, the F-35.  The second, the Eurofighter Typhoon.  The third, Boeing's F-15SE "Silent Eagle" isn't on Canada's current shopping list...  But should be.  Each fighter obviously has its own strengths and weaknesses, of course, but the main selling point for Seoul is price.  Hence, the bidding extension to keep the offers coming in. There is another aspect to the F-X competition however.  Seoul isn't just looking for fighter jets, it's looking for a partner to help it develop a planned indigenous stealth fighter, the KF-X. Although many have speculated one way or another, this one is currently &quo

The CP-107 Argus: The other Canadian super-plane.

[Note:  This post was initially shown in .  I am including it here as proof that Canada can indeed design and build a great aircraft! Many Canadians look back in time at the Avro Arrow and the potential it promised.  A grand military construction project that was years ahead of everything else, perfectly suited for Canada, and worthy of our pride. Yet people tend to forget about another Canadian military aircraft that originated in the 50s.  One that was the most advanced and capable model of its day.  One that was designed, built, and flown in Canada,  the CP-107 Argus. It's easy to understand why the Argus doesn't have the same mystique as the Arrow.  A big, lumbering, piston-propellor anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft just isn't as sexy and exiting as a sleek, mach 2 jet fighter.  (Otherwise, Tom Cruise would be flying a S-3 Viking in  Top Gun , instead of a F-14 Tomcat.) The Argus was no less important however.  The threat of nu

A brief personal introduction:

In spring of last year, I was stressed.  I was suffering from a bit of PTSD due to my "day job" as a paramedic.  I needed a bit of release.  Due to certain policies and ethical concerns, as well as the desperate need to "get away" from my work, I needed to concentrate on a different subject.  I have also been longing for a way to get back to my previous passion for writing, as well as taking advantage of previous education in journalism and engineering. At the time, I was also rather outraged at the continuing controversy involving the Canadian procurement of the F-35 Lightning II.  When I was younger, I was obsessed with fighter jets.  I come from a military family and I live in a military town (Greenwood, NS).  Although I had no real problems with the F-35 per se  at the time, I was disappointed in the single source selection, as well as the mounting costs.  I turned to the good ol' internet to do some research to find out more about the F-35 and it's p