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Of axes, defibrillators, and fighter jets... [RANT]

This is an axe. It is simple tool, dating back thousands of years.  It consists of a wooden handle with a sharpened stone fixed to one end.  While this axe is primitive in its origins, it is an ingenious design.  By placing the sharpened stone at the end of long handle, early humans were able to increase the  moment-of-force , allowing the stone to make a much deeper cut than if the stone were held in the hand directly.  This made it great for cutting and bashing things. The stone axe provided early man with an invaluable tool.  Useful as a both a building tool and a weapon, it helped catapult man into the most dominant life-form on the planet. This is also an axe. This  SOG "Fast Hawk" tactical tomahawk  utilizes a 420 stainless steel blade with high tech ballistic polymer handle.  It is sharper, harder, lighter, better-balanced, and comes with a nylon sheath.  It is better than the stone axe in every conceivable way. But it is still just an axe.  It cuts and