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CBC has confirmed that Julie Payette will be Canada's next Governor General .   First of all, this is INCREDIBLE news.  The Queen's official representative in Canada is going to be freaking astronaut!  How cool is that? Aside from her career as an astronaut, Payette is also a pilot, engineer, able to speak six languages, and has served as a board member of Drug Free Kids Canada.  It is clear that Payette is not some mere patronage appointee. Oddly enough, Payette does have a connection to Canada's CF-18 replacement.  Her husband is none other than Lockheed Martin test pilot (and PR persona) Billie Flynn . Billie Flynn Congratulations to Julie Payette on her upcoming appointment!


Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder On June 18th, 2017, a United States Navy Super Hornet was forced to engage a Syrian Su-22 that had attacked ground troops.   This was to be the first manned aerial combat victory in nine years .  The F/A-18E (the most advanced fighter currently in use by the USN) fired an AIM-9X (the most advanced missile currently in use by the US military)...   And missed . The Su-22 was eventually brought down using a radar-guided AIM-120 AMRAAM (a missile which has its own issues ).  The outcome of this aerial combat was never really in doubt, but how did the AIM-9X possibly miss in the first place? Su-22 "Fitter" In this case, the AIM-9X's intended target was an export version of the Sukhoi Su-17 "Fitter"  designated the Su-22.  First flying over 50 years ago, this aircraft is comparable to western attack aircraft like the SEPECAT Jaguar and A-7 Corsair II (both mostly retired).  It is not particularly fast or maneuverable.  Built mo