Just a quick note to all the commentators...

I do appreciate you coming here and making your opinions and knowledge known.  To me that is great and it is exactly what I set out to do when starting all this.

What I don't like to see is people being disrespectful or downright rude to those who do not share similar views on a particular aircraft.

We all have our favorites, that much is true.  Over the years I have come to respect some aircraft that I was not a particular fan of before, while others have lost luster.  Either way, I can understand why someone develops an affinity for one aircraft or another.

Just remember, if a post or comment posts your favorite fighter in a bad light, DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL.  Feel free to make a counterpoint, but do it respectfully and be prepared to back up your claims.  If someone still disagrees with you or your views...  LEAVE IT AT THAT.  Any attempt to bully or browbeat someone will be ultimately unsuccessful and could possibly result in a warning.  Repeat offenses could lead to commenting privileges being revoked.  Any slurs towards someone's nationality will be dealt with harshly and immediately.

I have taken a "hands off" approach to moderating so far, and I wish to continue to do so.  Please help me in this and most of all, keep the discussion going!

Thanks to all of you for coming here, your comments, and your enthusiasm!


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