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It's happening.

After years of uncertainty, we now know that the Saab Gripen is a serious contender in the contest to replace the CF-18.

This may not seem like big news.  The Gripen has long been mentioned alongside other potential contenders like the F-35 and Super Hornet.  This humble writer has been extolling the Gripen's virtues for years.

So what is different now?

Saab has made it official.  After years of little to mention on its website, Canada now has a dedicated subsection.

Saab has also made a much more prominent appearance at this years CANSEC.  Not only do we have a media brief that focuses on Canada's needs, but Saab has a full size mock-up of the Gripen E on display.

Media briefings and mock-ups help raise awareness of the platform, but Saab has a long way to go before it can catch up to more established players like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Airbus.  What does a (relatively) small contractor like Saab have to offer that the others do not?

For one, Saa…