F-35 catches fire at Eglin Air Force Base!

(Not from today's incident)

I wonder if the F-35's grounding due to a faulty oil valve got lifted prematurely...

This is breaking news.  More here:  http://news.usni.org/2014/06/23/breaking-fire-breaks-f-35-eglin-air-force-base-pilot-safe


  1. I wonder if there would be so much coverage or knowledge of the good and bad days when the F-15

  2. Exactly Paul, LM put the cart before the horse.

    There was quite a lot of coverage when the Gripen's first prototype crashed in 1989. Luckily, the pilot had a narrow escape.
    Remember the second launch of Ariane 1, it was a failure too.

    Testing that's why you make prototypes because you know accidents happen.

  3. I believe that LM soon will make the following anouncement :

    "The needed fix that followed the F-35 mishap on Eglin will actually make the aircraft considerably lighter as the systems that were intended to supress / extinguish clearly did not work and thus can be removed. Another good news is that the F-35 now can be advertised and sold internationally as "Battle Proven" as it without any doubts been under fire...",

  4. Nice Job!
    I guess it is not like an airline, where you get to pick your engine. This engine appears not to work, I will take the rolls Royce or the GE?

  5. I believe the engine is a Pratt & Whitney

  6. That's the big difference between the JSF program and earlier ones like the F-15, etc... When an issue is found in the prototype stage, you simply incorporate the fix into the finalized design.

    Thanks to concurrency, an entire fleet of over 100 aircraft will likely need to be recalled and refurbished to accommodate this fix. This process needs to be repeated for every new issue. Every bulkhead crack, every oil leak, every software bug... They all need to be fixed retroactively. Remember, these are considered production aircraft, not prototypes.


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