Apparently...  The comment section has gone to potty.

I want people to know that I am aware and not entirely happy about it. This is not the first time this has happened...  And I doubt it will be the last.  I do apologize for this.

In the past, I have preferred to take more of a “hands off” approach to the comment section. I have more than my fair say in each blog post, so adding more would seem redundant. I also (as much as I would like to) cannot read every post, since they often number into the hundreds, if not thousands.

To put it simply, I would much rather spend time researching and creating content.  I encourage you all to "police yourselves".  I also invite you to join the Facebook group, where I have additional moderator help and people are less likely to use "burner" accounts.  It is a closed group, but that is only to help cut back on the spam and scammers.

Just remember that Disqus does give individuals the power to report and/or block other users.  I would also remind you about the futility of arguing with people on the internet.

Just to clarify a few things regarding my recent "softening" on the F-35 Lightning II...

  1. I still think it is a terrible choice to replace the CF-18 as Canada's sole fighter type.  I also believe it would be a mistake to dismiss it out of hand.  
  2. As always, my intention with this blog was not to bash the JSF specifically, but to ensure Canada procure the right fighter for its needs (not somebody else's).  This can only be done through a open and fair evaluation of ALL the options.  
  3. Lockheed Martin has not bribed me in any way, shape, or form.  (The negative symbol in front of my current back balance can attest to that!)
  4. I have not undergone any recent head trauma, nor is my mental health in jeopardy.  (No more than usual, anyway...)
  5. I still like the Gripen.  Like...  A lot.  

I hope to continue this blog until (if?) Canada finally selects a new fighter.  There will be periods where the posts are sporadic, as my personal life and "real job" have to take priority.  I should have a few more posts coming soon...  As quickly as I can sit down at a keyboard long enough.

Until then, thank you all for your input, your readership, and your patients.



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