About those ads...

I was initially hesitant to allow advertising on this blog.   I did not want the appearance of "shilling", nor did I wish to add to the clickbait-culture of the internet.

Since their implementation, the ads have provided a very modest income.  Google Adsense is set up to pay out only if the earnings are above $100.  For this humble website, that means months between payouts.  I certainly will not be quitting my "day job" any time soon.

I would like to put this money to good use, however.

This year, I decided to take the most recent payout and donate the majority of it to the Wounded Warriors of Canada.  Some of you may remember this non-profit group from this past summer's "22 Push-Up Challenge".  WWC's goal is to help veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD and other mental illnesses, as well as their families.

Their website can be found here.

This holiday season, I encourage all my readers to consider donating or volunteering their time to those in need.  A little can often go a long way.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this season.



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