Yet another F-35 spontaneously combusts...

Photo not available at this time, so here's a pic of the 2016 US Election.
For the third time in the JSF's controversial timeline, an F-35 has self-immolated.

In September, an F-35A caught fire.  This was after a supposed fix to the "engine rub" issue that caused the first infamous flare-up

This time, the dubious honor goes to the STOVL F-35B.  What also makes this incident different is the fact that the fire seemed to originate from the weapon bay instead of the engine.  (Although the F-35B's vertical lift fan is located between the weapon bays.)

The FIRST case of F-35 spontaneous combustion.
The big question here is:  WHY ARE F-35'S SO FLAMABLE?

Does it have to do with the JSF's complicated "fueldraulic" system that used its jet fuel in place of hydraulic fluid to save weight?

Is there an issue with heat build up in the weapon bays?  (This would be bad!)

Is the aircraft's stealthiness to blame?

Its lack of fire suppression system?

Whatever the case, Lockheed Martin and the JPO had better find out fast.  Apparently; the new Commander-in-Chief is not a fan.


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