When I Read the Comment Section...

Just a reminder that I am simply a guy who blogs in his spare time. Yes, I am an "amateur" but I don't pretend to be anything else.  I just want to see Canada select the best multirole fighter for its needs. 

Like most of you, my life is devoted mostly to family and work commitments. 

I spend what little time I have to devote this site towards producing content.  As such, I don't spend much time in the comment section.  For the most part, I prefer to leave that to all of you to discuss things as you see fit.  (I do spent plenty of time on the Facebook group, however, please join us if you haven't!)

Unfortunately, trolling and other foul behavior is a fact of life in today's internet age. Those who can't form a cohesive  and intelligent argument resort to name-calling and other tactics.  While this never actually wins anybody over, these people are empowered by the attention.  So don't give them any.  Ignore them, block them, whatever.  Just don't let them bait you on to their level.  

I'll keep deleting and banning whatever trolls try to disrupt this blog.  It takes two clicks.  Some will undoubtedly return through proxies, alternate IP addresses, whatever.  I actually take it as a compliment that they are desperate to discredit me.  (Although I'm jealous that they have that much free time...)

Anyhoo...  I'm in the process of revisiting each fighter in the context of the government's questionnaire.  Stay tuned. 


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