Canada's defense policy: Have your say!

The time has come.

The time has come for every armchair admiral, internet "expert", and members of the "Chairborne Rangers" to come forth and do their part.

Do not worry, I am not referring to actual combat or military service.

The time has come for everyday Canadians to help determine the future defence policy of Canada.  Not in specific procurement or strategies, but the general direction Canada's military should take in the upcoming years.

The Government of Canada has launched a Defence Policy Review that will engage the Canadian public regarding the following:

    1. The main challenges to Canada’s security
    2. The role of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in addressing current threats and challenges
    3. The resources and capabilities needed to carry out the CAF mandate

    Canadians can submit their suggestions either online, by mail, or at one of six roundtable meetings being held across the nation starting April 27th in Vancouver.  (No dates yet on meetings being held in Yellowknife, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, I will update when announced)

    While the consultation will not be asking for specifics, it will attempt to get a general consensus regarding how and where DND resources should be split.  Some of the questions asked include:

    I shall leave it to you, my readers to read through the Defence Policy Review and come up with your own answers for now.  Soon I will post my own ideas that I will be submitting before the July 31st deadline.  

    Now is the time for Canadians to have their say.  Hopefully the government will listen.  


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