QOTW: Will procurement policy influence your vote?

I hear they have cookies...
Now that we know where the major political parties stand on the CF-18 replacement, there remains a question as to how much this will effect the election.

While the F-35 issue dominated the headlines for a day or so, it seems to have been eclipsed by the controversy surrounding the niqab.  This shows how fickle the news media and the general public can be.

Myself, I feel strongly enough about Canadian military procurement to factor it into my vote.  It is not the be-all, end-all however.  Other issues, such as health care, senate reform, and marijuana legalization concern me just as much.

As usual, I will be voting for the party that most replicates my own views.  I have never shown particular loyalty to a party in the past, and I still remain (mostly) undecided about this current election.

How important is military procurement in your view?  Will it be a primary factor in your vote?  A consideration?  Or do other issues demand your attention more?


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