QOTW: Which political party will be best for Canada's military?

A whopping 79% of you believe that Canada would be much better off with a "good enough" fighter provided in greater numbers than a flagship model.  Since Canada would not be expected to do the heavy lifting in any armed conflict, this would seem to make the most sense.  (In other words, let the other nations blow their wallets on fancy toys!)

Seeing as how we now in the midst of an (extended) election campaign, it is now time to ask the obvious question:  Which political party is best for Canada's military?

I have asked the question before (just not in poll form).  Since that time, none of the major political parties have gone into much detail on how they would fix the DND's current procurement woes.

While all the parties have released generalized statements that they will support Canada's military as well as our veterans, they are so far silent on what they will do to replace aging equipment in a timely and affordable fashion.

Why is this not an issue?

More is being said about hairstyles and questionable airline food than our nation's lack of replenishment ships.  More ink is devoted to a $90,000 housing allowance than the $46 billion+ it would cost Canada to purchase the F-35.

Do Canadians simply not care about our military, and those who serve in it?  Perhaps we should be making this more of an issue.  When your local MP candidate comes knocking at your door, take a few minutes to ask him or her about where they and their party stands.  DO NOT be satisfied with platitudes.  Ask for specifics.

  • "Will your party support a fair and open competition to replace the CF-18?"
  • "Is your party committed to increasing military spending in order to more closely align with the 2% of GDP suggested by NATO?
  • "What is your party's stance on the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy?"
  • "How will your party support our veterans, now and in the future?"


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