Monday, June 15, 2015

UPDATE: Hungarian Gripens are NOT GROUNDED

Contrary to some reports, the Hungarian Gripen fleet has not been grounded following two incidents over the last two months.

The cause of the second crash was likely caused by a software error that prevented the front landing gear from deploying, forcing the pilot to initiate a belly landing (as seen in the cool .GIF above).  The pilot suffered a vertebrae fracture thanks to a non-separating ejection seat.

The previous accident, which involved a two-seater JAS-39D overshooting the runway was caused by ""The crew not brake during landing two seater and before the end of the track was ejected. Both pilots are fine. The airplane rolled out of the flight and landing runways free field " .  It remains under investigation, but the aircraft is a write-off.

Despite these two recent incidents, the Gripen remains a remarkably safe aircraft to fly,

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