Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coming up...

CF-86 found at the Pima Air Force museum in Tuscon, AZ...  WHERE'S THERE'S NO SNOW!
Once again, I must apologized for the lack of content lately.

There has not been much to report, but that is not the main reason.  The main reason is that "real life" has been punching me repeatedly in the guts now for months.  Crappy weather and a particular chaotic "day job" (usually thanks to the weather) has left me simply exhausted, with little to no time to devote to this blog.

I am working on new stuff, though.

Over the next few weeks (months?), I will be revisiting each fighter and how it stands a candidate for Canada's CF-18 replacement.  I will also continue to make snarky comments as I see fit.

Thanks to all those who keep coming back, and keeping the discussion lively.

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