After a bit of an exile the last little while, I hope to return to my usual posting tempo.  Thanks to those who have kept coming back, and a special thanks to those who have kept the comment section lively...  Yet civil.

There has undoubtedly been a plethora fighter-related news stories lately, and I regret not getting to them...  But I will soon.  I hope to hit the ground running for the new year.  2014 had its share of events, 2015 will likely be the same.

Of course, the big news for 2015 will be the upcoming Canadian federal election.  The CF-18 replacement program will undoubtedly be one of the issues up for debate, as this election may indeed decide the ultimate fate of the proposed CF-35 procurement.  In the end, the greatest threat to the CF-35 may not be Russian MiGs or ISIS ground fire...  But the will of the people.

As this is an election year, discussion may tend towards one political platform to another.  While I have attempted to keep this blog as politically balanced as possible, that may not always seem to be the case.  For that, I apologize ahead of time.  I will promise you that the discussion will always remain in context, however.  Political parties will be critiqued solely on their defense platforms, and nothing else.  For most Canadians, National Defense is not the highest priority, so in the end, it may not matter anyway.

Also with the new year upon us, I have decided to revisit some of the core-aspects of this site.  I will revisit, re-edit, and redo the "PAGES" section (visible on the right hand side of the desktop edition).  I will take a closer, more thorough look at what sort of fighter Canada actually needs, and whether or not the various option meet those needs.

So sit back, buckle in, and place your tray-table in the upright position.  This year may run into some turbulence...  But doesn't that just make the ride more fun?


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