Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What if... You could ask Santa for Canada's next fighter?

For those of you who responded with concern to last week's question about possibly buying the Chinese J-31:  No, I am not experimenting with any recreational pharmaceuticals (any more than usual).

The majority of you (71%) think I am possibly off my rocker for suggesting Canada would ever consider non-NATO hardware.  You are probably right.  Still, the point of these "What ifs" is to promote blue-sky thinking without limits.

Since we are approaching the holiday season, this week's question lets you write a letter to Santa.  What kind of fighter would you like to see under the RCAF's tree this year?  

Do not be shy.

Want a resurrected and modernized Arrow?  Ask away.

Should the elves start building the F-22 again?

How about the YF-23?  Lots of kids seem to be wishing for that one!

Maybe just a "Canadianized" F-35 that works (and costs) as it should?

Something else?  Please comment below.

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