Introducing "What If... Wednesdays".

Things are getting a little hectic in my "real life" right now, so I will not be able to as much time to the blog as I would like for the next month or so.

I will still do my best to post whenever I can, and I will be keeping a close eye on what could be a back-alley deal to commit Canada to an F-35 purchase.

I will continue "Mythbuster Mondays"...  Just maybe not every Monday.  They take a fair amount of time to write, and I find it increasingly hard to get the hours at the keyboard required.

Just because I will not be around so much does not mean that the conversation should stop, however.

First of all, I would encourage everyone (who hasn't already) to join the discussion on the Facebook group.  There is a lot of good stuff on there posted by a bunch of great people far smarter than myself.  It is a closed group, but access is given to anybody with a legitimate Facebook account.  (Don't bother if all you want to do is sell discount sunglasses.)

Apart from that, I would like to keep the debate going here by asking a weekly "What if?"

It will be a simple question, with no real right or wrong answer.  It might also be trickier than it first seems.  The whole point of this exercise will be to encourage debate and challenge preconceived notions.

I am looking forward to seeing your answers.  Hopefully, I can insert a poll widget in order to get a general consensus as well.


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