Canada buying 4 F-35s? Not yet!

Some of you have already seen reports that Canada has plans to purchase four F-35s in 2017. 

First of all...  Calm down. 

The Canadian government needed to place its order this month if it wanted any F-35s built next year.  This is not happening, as CF-18s are getting life-extensions and its replacement decision has been put off. 

Instead, the DND is requesting a "swap" allowing it to change places with the USAF  this would push back Canada's purchase until 2017 (at the earliest) while the USAF gets our spot in line. 

The USAF have agreed to this under two important conditions:

1:  The USAF keeps its planned 2016 IOC date. 

2:  Canada's delay will not undermine international faith in the JSF program. 

While these conditions may seem a tad unfair at first, but they could very well act as a litmus test. If the USAF pushes back its IOC date, or there is a sign that this move will topple the house of cards that is the JSF program; Canada will be well served in canceling its participation outright. 


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