F-35 ground order lifted... Sort of.

Pentagon authorities are now fairly certain that the JSF is safe to fly. 

The cause of the F-35 fire on June 23rd is thought to be due to "excessive rubbing" of one of the turbine blades.  

While the F-35 may be cleared for flight, its expected appearance at Farnborough is still uncertain. Until the exact cause of the fire is determined, the JSF will fly under "operating restrictions". 

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  1. The C Series has an issue with one of its engines, they ground the fleet and get to the bottom of it with there engine manufacture. Pressure to make sales and be at Farnbourough is high, but be dammed with that. It must be fixed and fixed right. These airplanes carry people or fall from the sky on to people. Do what is right for a change.

  2. Maybe they're trying to weigh their chances. Performing at Fanrbourough would be a great sales promotion but if any of the f35 falls during the show, interest on the bird will go down with it.
    I'm guessing they will be there but they won't do any flight demo. Just sitting in the LM booth like a displays in a living room that's meant to be a good topic for conversation

  3. Last night a CF 18 Hornet is struck by lighting. Appearantly the instruments flickered and the pilot landed at the first airport he could find. Well the plane and the pilot are alright in this ALL WEATHER FIGHTER. The F35 can't do that!


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