Is the saga of Canada's next fighter almost over?

First of all, thanks to all that brought this to my attention...  Of course the news broke just as I was watching X-Men:  Day of Future Past (great movie, BTW), followed by a short night's sleep, followed by my "day job"...  So I haven't been able to comment about it until now.

As most of you know, there are sources stating that the Canadian government will make an announcement regarding the CF-18 replacement next week, possibly as early as Tuesday.  The sole-source acquisition of the F-35A is rumored to be the most likely outcome.  The government has already started to take flak based on these unofficial reports, but has so far stated that a decision has yet to be made.

I do not wish to comment any further on this until the official details are known.  There would be little point.


  1. I hope the rumours are not true. I really believe this will be political suicide. There is no way to justify this, this wont go over well with Canadians.

  2. I'd second what Goose says. Hope this is not true as there is nothing to justify it.

  3. We will have to open a Commission Harpereau!

  4. Hi Doug: I noted the articles re: Michel Byers' "One Dead Pilot" on the Defence Watch site and am unable to post as I've ditched my Facebook account. So this spot on your Blog seems to be the best alternative and actually my preferred one.
    Now to my question regarding single vs dual engine fighters. How many of our CF-18s have been lost due solely to engine failure and conversely how many have lost power in one engine and were able to safely land on the other?
    A pilot friend of mine once said, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that with two engined aircraft if you lose one you have another to take you directly to the scene of the crash.
    Loved your rant BTW.

  5. Good question. I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog that I believe the single vs. twin-engine debate is overblown. Sure, two engines does seem more reassuring, but modern jet engines are far more reliable than they were back in the days of the CF-104.


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