Wednesday, June 25, 2014

F-35 fire update: JSF still good enough to fly!

It looks as if a slight case of spontaneous combustion is not enough to ground the JSF fleet for very long.  After its second grounding (however brief) this month, the F-35 is still flying.

While the cause of the fire is still not known, authorities are confident (or desperate) enough to continue flying the JSF.  This is good news for those looking forward to seeing the JSF make its first trans-Atlantic appearance in the United Kingdom next month.


  1. Doug

    I found this interesting:

  2. Is that not odd considering the
    B version appears it would have more go wrong with it. How is the C version doing ?

  3. I love it when the Simpsons are used to make a point. Here's a perfect one, the monorail episode. They hyped it up so much that Springfield bought something they didn't need then it turned into a complete disaster and the train started failing apart. Sound familiar?

  4. Excellent!

    Where's Leonard Nimoy when we need him?


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