Shout out!

I just want to give a special shout out to my friend Joe Green.

Joe has been a fantastic inspiration to Canadians and has been kind enough to allow me usage of his Super Arrow concept, among other things...  The Super Arrow is an all-Canadian 6th/7th generation concept meant to be as impressive today as the original Avro Arrow was in the 1950s.  It should NOT be confused with attempts to simply bring back the original Arrow design.  Joe's working on a smaller, simpler version of the Super Arrow, called the Peregrine, that looks even better (keep in mind my preference for single-engine fighters) in my honest opinion.  Stay tuned.

Check out Joe's Super Arrow concept at, as well as his Facebook page.  His ideas may be lofty, but nobody made any breakthroughs by thinking small.

Thanks again Joe and keep up the fantastic work!


  1. I say buy Canadian made for Canadians by Canadians. The federal government messed up the Avro Arrow under pressure from the United States government. Do not let history repeat itself , we can build the Super Arrows in Canada there by creating jobs for Canadians. Once we show the world the Canadian Super Fighter we can sit back and watch the orders roll in. The original Arrow would still be in service (maybe with the Super Arrow upgrade) and we could be a super power of aircraft design and superiority to this day. Come on Canada wake up and let the government know we will not let them mess up once again.


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