RCAF to refurbish (really) old fighters.

Like a phoenix from the ashes...
In a surprise move, the RCAF has released a statement describing a plan to reinvigorate their aging fleet of CF-18 Hornets.  With no funding available to purchase new fighters, or anything else for that matter, top generals at the RCAF have decided to refurbish several retired CF-101 Voodoo interceptors.

The choice to refurbish the Voodoo was a natural one.  There are currently 30 examples being used as gate guardians, museum exhibits, and the like.  Heck, some CF-101 proprietors are literally giving them away.

The RCAF's man in charge of the CF-101 Voodoo refurbishment, Lt. Colonel Gilbert "Gull" Able, had this to say about the project:
"It makes a lot of sense, when you think of it.  We got all these Voodoos laying around, doing nothing.  Most of them have less wear and tear than some of our CF-18s!"
Indeed, the Voodoo only flew for 26 years in Canada.  The CF-18 has been in service for over 30, and will be likely hit 40 before a replacement comes.  The CF-101 also did little more than intercept the occasional Soviet bomber, while the CF-18 has seen combat action over Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya; not to mention intercepting its fair share of Soviet (and Russian!) bombers.

On its way to resurrection.
While some have criticized the move, Lt. Col Able defended the plan.
"It really is the next logical step.  We've already done multiple life extensions on the CF-18, the Aurora, the Sea King, the Buffalo, a few Hercs, and we got paintings of all the Snowbird Tutors somewhere that no one's allowed to look at...  Just consider this a post-retirement life extension."
The Voodoo refurbishment could also point to an increased Canadian commitment to the F-35 Lightning II.  With concerns about the single-engine F-35's safety, the extra engine is said bring extra piece of mind for arctic patrols, with many swearing that 2 50-year turbojets is a better bet than a single, modern turbofan.

Taking flight again?

When asked if a similar program would take place for the CF-104 Starfighter, Lt. Colonel "Gull" Able simply laughed hysterically and said:  "Are you (expletive deleted)ing CRAZY?  Who'd be suicidal enough to fly that (expletive deleted)ing thing?"

Happy April 1st everybody.


  1. that was a good one! I love the "post-retirement life extension"!

  2. Excellent fish. Don't you think however that the De Haviland Mosquito would be a tad stealthier ?


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