Friday, March 21, 2014


"F*** the taxpayer!"
I'll be back to (quasi-)regular posting soon, but in the meantime I'll post this.

I hope it's a photoshop.  The ridiculousness of an F-35B performing aerial refueling from a V-22 Osprey while hovering and the afterburner on is just too much to believe.

  1. The fuel being burned is likely faster that that being transferred.
  2. What would be the possible reason to do this instead of more traditional in-flight refueling?
Whatever.  The 10-year-old in me still thinks this is kinda cool.

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  1. lol!
    Most likely a photoshop. Did a little digging, proof of concept of MV-22 in a refueling configuration is fairly recent (august 2013). And things are different :

    Good work though!


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