A few housekeeping items.

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting much over the last week.  Between my "day job" and March break, my free time and energy levels were pretty much reduced to zero.

There has been a few developments, that I will touch base on soon.  I would also have a different undertaking in mind soon.

Disneyland for aviation enthusiasts.  I'm goin'.

Second:  I have a trip to Pima Air & Space Museum coming up, and I hope to get a lot of shots of the AMARG "boneyard".  Stay tuned...

Third:  I have decided to enable ads on this blogsite, just on a trial basis for now.  While I have no misconception of making it rich, I hope any revenue generated will allow me to access some paid content both online and in print.  The ads are run strictly through Blogger's "widget", which means I don't directly have any say in what goes up.  Conversely, they will have no effect on editorial content.   If you see ads for Boeing or Lockheed, it's only because that is what software deems suitable.  It's all strictly "3rd party".

If the ads are too disruptive, or not worth it, I will take them down.  If you feel generous, give them a click (that's how revenue is generated).

Do the ads mean I have "sold out"?  Keep reading and let me know what you think!


  1. Greetings Doug Allen,

    I found your site about a week ago and first I wanted to thank you for all the great work you are doing on this important topic.
    I just finished reading a so so article in Breaking Defence on how mothballing the A10s is going to effect certain bases-but I was more impressed as I think you would be by some of the comments by veterans about the A10 and similar. And what they think of the '35 as a replacement-no surprise it mostly is not good..

  2. Thank you! Most of the US bases fielding the A-10 will get something else in order to make its retirement more politically palatable. KC-10s, F-16s, etc.

    It is rather ironic that the A-10s original intended purpose, engaging Soviet forces in Eastern Europe, make it all the more useful now that Russian forces have been occupying Crimea.


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