Richard Shimooka thinks Canada should go with its gut on the F-35

Jet shopping with Richard Shimooka...

Richard Shimooka, of the CDAFI, thinks that an open competition to select the CF-18 replacement would be a waste of time effort and money.  Mr. Shimooka is no stranger to touting the wonderfulness of the F-35, despite its costs, as can be seen here.

Basically, a full competition is a waste because:

  1. It takes too long.
  2. It would mean training some people.
  3. The F-35 is going to win anyway.
  4. The Super Hornet's production is going to end soon.
  5. Nothing has changed since 2010.
Mr. Shimooka ignore the fact that:
  1. Canada isn't buying any new fighters until 2017 at the earliest.
  2. This is exactly what the new "Defence Procurement Strategy" was set up for.
  3. The F-35 might not be "all that".
  4. The Typhoon, Rafale, Gripen, and Silent Eagle are still around.
  5. While the competition has seen plenty of significant upgrades, the F-35 is still faltering.  
Perhaps Mr. Shimooka is the type of person that buys a car without test driving it, or even researching online.  Why go through that trouble?  

Canada bought into the F-35 based on nothing more than a glossy brochure.  Time to do our homework before committing nearly $50 billion of taxpayers' money.


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