From the Ottawa Citizen: Kyle Meema's CF-35 editorial.

Some time ago, the Ottawa Citizen's Defence Watch blog published an editorial by Kyle Meema on why the Saab JAS-39 Gripen would be a great replacement for the CF-18 in Canada.  You can read it here:  Part One and Part Two.

Mr. Meema has returned to the Ottawa Citizen, this time making a case against the F-35 Lightning II for Canada.  You can read the three part series here:  Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Here is the article, in its entirety, courtesy of Mr. Meema.


  1. Just a comment to add that I particularly agree about the sensors and data fusion part : in some articles, it's like the F-35 was the first fighter aircraft to do MANY things, but European counterparts, younger than American teen-series, have already, at least partly, many of the claimed "unique" features of F-35.

  2. If you follow the logic of Kyle Meema's article Canada needs to buy a high performance air superiority fighter that can go into battle with a lot of missiles and has a long range. The answer is clearly the Typhoon. There is no question that it has the speed and agility for the task. The latest tranche 3 aircraft also has conformal fuel tanks as well as drop down tanks for extended range and even with this combination can carry up to 10 air-to-air missiles including the best BVR in the world (Meteor) and best WVR (IRIS-T).
    The Typhoon's range also gives it an advantage over the F-35. Operating with either Storm Shadow or Tauras it can strike up to 500 kilometres further into enemy territory than the F-35.
    Where the F-35 wins is in suppression of enemy air defences, combat with other 5th generation fighters (of which there will be very few of outside the US due to their cost) and arguably close air support.
    To me it all argues for a mixed buy. Maybe 30-40 F-35s and 60-70 Typhoons.


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