Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eurofighter is playing vulture to the the Indian Rafale deal.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Dassault Rafale.

With bureaucratic delays and price controversy, India's Rafale purchase base met its share of problems.  With the deal put off until next fiscal year, the team selling the Eurofighter Typhoon is reminding the Indian government that it is still looking for its business.

As the Rafale's sole customer outside of France, India may be in the driver's seat on this one.  Both Dassault and Eurofighter are looking for more customers to keep production going.  The Rafale's open source terms and Indian assembly make it seem the inevitable choice, but nothing is for certain until the ink is dry on the contract.


  1. $30 million to $130 million Rafale deal is Mother of all Scams. CANCEL///////
    Upgradeds Tejas markII/III with modifations of a American raptor engines will be viable, cheaper & lethal than Eurofighter & rafale


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