Super Hornet gets Joint Strike Missile.

New missiles for everybody!
Not to be outdone by the Eurofighter Typhoon's upcoming addition of both the Storm Shadow and Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missiles, Boeing is now in the process of testing the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) on the F-18E/F Super Hornet.

Based on the Norwegian Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile, the JSM is a stealthy multi-role munition that can be fired at either ground or water based targets.  By using passive guidance methods (GPS, IR) it can avoid detection and interception by missile defense systems.  The JSM has a range of over 290km and carries a 125kg warhead.

Joint Strike Missile (JSM)
The true secret to the JSM's success will be the fact that it is the only anti-ship missile small enough to fit into the F-35's weapons bay.  In fact, the JSM might be the only anti-ship missile cleared for use on the F-35, period.  The older, larger GM-84 Harpoon is currently not on the F-35's list of weapons.

Tight squeeze:  JSM in F-35 weapon bay.
Want to see what this fancy JSM can do?  Check it out here:


  1. Lock-Mart will soon start pushing their LRASM to all Partners, and their message will be : Longer range than JSM (can be fired from safety), larger warhead than JSM (roughly three times), totally integrated to F-35 software (and in an earlier block too?!)

  2. This is got to be one of those "believe it when I see it" things. I'm not sure what the dimensions of the LRASM are, but with that much more range and payload than the JSW, it sounds like more similar to the TAURUS or Storm Shadow. I also have doubts about whether it could fit in the F-35 bomb bay. It could very well be external carry only.

    I could be wrong about this, as there just isn't much info about the LRASM given its early development status.

  3. I agree : the warhead will be heavier than the JSM itself... Wait and see.
    JSM is pretty much the Norwegian offset for F-35 acquisition : I hope for them that an american supplier will not sell a rival missile for export F-35...

  4. Sorry guys : the LRASM was never designed to fit in the F-35s internal storage.

    The plan is to carry it on external pylons and release it long before hostile radar can detect the combined larger RCS of the F-35 with missile.

    The JSM is the state of Norways only way to make a plausible argument for any offset agreements/counter-trade with LM. The Missile is developed by Kongsberg, a fully state owned company, and the government of Norway are paying for the development (together with Australia).

    Norway even paid LM to integrate it into F-35, and threatened to cancel the F-35 orders if LM refused, (a classic paper tiger) but the JSM will still probably be supported only with the software block 3F as it is a low prio for LM.


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